Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Candidate Emerges Eyes 09 Election

After working many years as a cable guy and a brief stint as a health inspector Larry, like many celebrities before him has decided to throw his hat, in this case trucker’s into the political arena. “I saw the success Schwarzenegger and Sonny Bono had and thought yeah this is for me.” Larry said.
“Dominick’s visions of a new Cicero are ambitious, but you know what would be better an even newer Cicero, and I intend to Git-R-Done. I’m talkin’ hover patrol cars and robot water meter readers y’all GIT-R-DONE!.” Larry continued.
“Historically Cicero can be divided into 3 phases much like a butterfly. “Old Cicero” 1869-2005 or caterpillar phase, “New Cicero” 2005-2009 or cocoon phase, and ”Even Newer Cicero” 2009-beyond or butterfly phase which is where I come in and the town really starts to fly. Git-R-Done.”
“Even Newer Cicero can begin shortly after my inauguration because we would only have to paint over one part of the cars and buildings. Residents and employees wouldn’t even be bothered with the hassle of learning a new name.”
“I think residents should vote for me because of my blue collar background, I’m an everyman someone they can relate to. I bring instant celebrity name recognition to a city that is still living in the shadow of Al Capone. Above all else if something needs accomplishing I’ll Git-R-Done.”

“Larry the Cable Guy a newer Cicero in 2009 Let’s Git-R-Done together.”

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Christina said...

I don't think Larry will fair too well when the good Spanish-speaking citizens o Cicero find out that Larry's real last name is not "The Cable Guy", but rather it's Chupacabra.