Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meet Team Dominick "El Mariachi"

Name: “El Mariachi”
Occupation: Body Guard

Larry did his research personally before making this hire, knowing he needed a trustworthy killing machine to protect his life in the event of an attempt at regicide.

“El means “the” according to a Spanish to English dictionary.” Larry began. “I wasn’t able to find the English meaning of mariachi before the woman at the book store in the mall threatened to call security on me if I didn’t plan to buy anything.”

“As I scampered away I came to the following assumption mariachi must mean “man with guitar that is also a gun.” From this point forward I will continue in English to avoid any confusion. Adding the man with guitar that is also a gun to my security staff will prove to be a wise decision.”

“The man with guitar that is also a gun has single handedly decimated several drug cartels. He also has previous experience in protecting the life of el presidente, which if you paid attention to what I said earlier loosely translates to the presidente.”

“What I like the most about the man with guitar that is also a gun, is after the perimeter has been secure he can serenade the air with one of his sensual Spanish songs leaving me feeling safe and relaxed.”

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