Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meet Team Dominick "Christina Aguilera"

Name: Christina Aguilera
Title: Queen of Cicero

Larry’s been a big fan of Christinas since the Lady Marmalade video, personally requesting it on TRL on over four-dozen different occasions. Many close to him say he feels she is the hottest thing to come out of Latin America since Charo. In a chance airport meeting Larry told Christina “I’m a genie in a bottle you gotta rub me the right way.” To settle out of court she was instantly added to the 09 campaign.
Christina’s booming voice and attractive physical appearance will radiate and illuminate parades and town sponsored events. God Bless America sounds a lot better from a multi-platinum recording artist than it does from the chorus of local school bands. One thing that’s for certain is Cicero finally has a Queen that rivals England’s. Take that Britain the colonies have one-up’ed you yet again.

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