Monday, October 20, 2008

7 X 4 = A River of Tears in Cicero

Fourth Graders at West Columbus elementary died a little inside today as a hero of theirs president Larry Dominick seemed baffled and perplexed by one of their math tests.

“I was giving the children a pop quiz on multiplication and since Larry was in to speak on the importance of education, I thought it would be fun for the children if he tagged along.”, said Mrs. Trunbull.

“He even had trouble with the zeros and fives”, said Guadalupe Garcia pictured on the far left.

Juan Mendoza added “When I woke up today, I had two heroes, Larry Dominick and Batman, now I have only one hero and a sad heart.”

Larry wasn’t as fazed by his failure or disappointment of the children, shrugging his shoulders and saying sternly, “I’m president of Ci-cer-o, not Nu-mer-o! When am I ever gonna use my multiplication tables. Are you for sure that those were even around when I was a kid.”

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Oh Larry.