Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Larry Dominick “El Vampiro!?”

Relax. We are not suggesting that you run to the closest market to stock up on garlic and a crucifix. Don’t bother dusting off your old Buffy DVDs in hopes of finding tips on how to deal a killing blow. Larry Dominick is not actually a vampiro. He does not intend to put fear in the hearts of Mexican children like the chupacabra has been doing for centuries.
In yet another attempt to connect with the Latin community Larry is going trick or treating as a vampiro. Larry didn’t want to reveal his costume to us early in an effort to avoid the paparazzi so what you see above is an artist’s rendition. The logic of the decision is puzzling since it shouldn’t be hard to spot the trick or treater that is 2 feet taller and 250lbs heavier than the next biggest kid. Also unless we are counting parents many of the other trick or treaters won’t have body guards.
Larry who was noticeably giddy about this coming Friday had the following comment. “ I did this for two reasons; the first being to connect with the children of the community. The second was to get me some Affy Tapples n Milk Duds.”
Have a Happy Safe Holloween

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Christina said...

Jokingly, a third grader on Halloween, dressed as Speedy Gonzalez, by the name of Gonzalez Gonzalez Jr. told Larry el Vampiro that he was going to drive a stake through him. To which Larry replied, "Yummmm. That's even better than candy!"